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Can Borrow Through A Company

Variety of Loans Available

We Get That Business Funding Needs Change Over Time

There's times in business when cash in and out don't match up. Even when things are going great, sometimes you find yourself in need of additional funding for different areas of business such as:

Working Capital

Need additional working capital to fund growth?

Equipment & Asset Purchases

Need new assets to grow or funds to fix broken equipment?

Commercial Property

Got a short fall to fund the deposit on a property purchase?

Growth & Expansion

Business expansion happening faster than the cash is coming in to fund it?

Cash Flow

Cash flow out of sync with what's coming in and going out?


Got a deal to stock up on extra inventory and need to fund it?


Getting short term business loans through a bank is harder than it should be, that's where we can help with a quick turn around to get you funded.

We realise running your own business is not a 9 - 5 operation, so ours isn't either, our professional staff are here to help you from 7am to 8pm AEST Mon - Fri.

Find Out If You Can Get A Short Term Business Loan Today

Call us or let us know your contact information by filling in the form and we'll contact you, answer your questions, and quickly let you know if we can fund your business needs.

See If I'm Eligible For A Loan

No matter the loan size, do you need funds quick, without the all the hassles of the banks?


You've probably already discovered how painful it can be dealing with the banks to get the short term business funding you need. Their processes just haven't caught up with the speed at which businesses move in this day and age.

We're different, we realise that you need answers fast, we can often help where banks and other lenders can't, so call us now to see how we can help you today.

What's The Eligiblity Criteria?

As a guide, if you can provide the following information, then it's likely we can get funds settled into your account within 48 hours (2 business days) from now.

  • Have an ABN
  • Have an up to date profit and loss
  • Letter from your accountant confirming funds are for business use
  • Got a clear credit history
  • Been in business for 2+ years
  • Can provide tax returns
  • Got property that has equitity available as security

What Security Can I Use?

Typically you'll need either a residential or commercial property that has equity available for the security of the funding. The property can be located pretty much anywhere. Generally though, if your property is in the city you'll be able to borrow more against it than if it's in a smaller town.

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