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Thank you for your assistance with my financial situation

Dear Aiden and Dave,

I am writing this e-mail to you for several reasons. Firstly, to say thank you for your assistance with my financial situation. Your advice and planning were paramount in giving me a real understanding on how to pay my home off sooner but also on how to achieve such an important task and build my property portfolio at the same time.

I must admit that going into the initial meeting I had my reservations and my own ideas on how to build wealth and reduce debt. However, once we completed our initial discussions I realised the traditional way was going to take a long time and had aits short comings.

Your idea of laying out a step by step plan and pooling all of our investment income allowed me to pay off the home that I currently reside in way quicker. In fact, It was so much quicker that it reduced the time remaining on my home loan by 15 years.

The most outstanding part of this was that no additional funds were required from me what soever, just careful planning and the correct set up and structure. By the end of the second meeting I understood the importance of using a certain type of investment property and one that would support the growth numbers required.

I must admit I am blown away by the ease of the process and the results that you have created for myself and my family. I will certainly be recommending your services and business to friends and family.

Thank you once again All the best from,

Paul & Barb Peterson

Letter of recommendation for your company

Dear Aiden,

It was my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for your company when you asked, only willing to do so due to the impeccable service and advice that we received.

As you know I am retired from the QLD Police Force and there had a good pension which was satisfactory for my day to day needs. Once my position in life was analysed and identified my latest objective was to pay off my mortgage as quickly as possible but also leaving some funds for nieces and nephews when I pass it was obvious that I was after some guidance to make this happen.

Precise, Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable are a few words that sum up in opinion of you and your company. We worked together to ensure that my goals were met and I’m happy to say that the new financial path that I am now on thanks to Financial Futures will have me creating a further equity portfolio of $367,000 but also it achieved a mortgage reduction of 10 years. Now I am able to pay my mortgage off in a little over 4 years.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction and I am happy to say that I have mentioned your services to friends and former work colleagues.

Yours Faithfully

Tom Vanzyl

We were impressed with how patient and informative you were

Dear Aiden and Dave,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with other potential clients. Firstly, for our situation we were impressed with how patient and informative you were with us from the very first meeting. Although we had already taken steps towards building a property portfolio by setting up a line of credit and an offset mortgage account, we learnt through Financial Futures how to use an investment property in a high growth area to pay our existing mortgage off 21 years sooner.

With previous companies we found there was a lack of support and knowledge in the industry, this made us nervous and therefore we didn’t proceed. Once the Financial Futures strategy for mortgage reduction was explained to us it was amazing when the figures showed a saving of over 21 years and approx. $220,000 in interest.

Your property analyst knew what he was talking about and the recommended investment property proved to be critical in our plan. The growth of our purchase has already exceeded 20%, which has surpassed our expectation. We are delighted with your concepts, investment property & professionalism in our dealing and reflected just the other day that we have indeed saved over $220,000 through your firms recommendations.

We are excited to recommend not only our family and friends to your company but anyone that has the chance to read our story and meet with you. We look forward to sharing our completed story with you in a few years.

Yours Faithfully

Sam and Mick Shepard

1300 518 041